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with Purpose

It?s what we do ? property transactions that meets the needs of developers, property owners and buyers.

By engaging Titlespace you benefit from our innovative use of technology, more than 35 years of combined experience in commercial transactional legal services and a team dedicated to excel at your property transaction while making a difference in the world.

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giving impacts to date

Why us?


Premium law firm with experienced team to handle property transactions.


Harnessing processes using cutting edge technology to better communicate and deliver our services.


Every transaction results in a direct impact to someone?s life. Help us give back to those in need!

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Give us your contract and our people and systems do the rest:

? We will liaise with all parties on your behalf.
? You will always be kept up to date via our App.
? Your transaction will be completed smoothly!

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Our Titlespace App

Our Titlespace App ensures that all parties involved will have access to real-time information and stays updated about the status of your transaction. Easy!